Tuesday, July 28, 2020

7 Methods of Motivation: Achieving a Goal

We all make goals, and yet very few of us accomplish our goal, or at least not the way we wanted to. We procrastinate, make excuses, let other activities become more important, and become unmotivated. We forget about the goal and let it just pass with time, another thing that you wish you would have done. Achieving a goal is not easy, and having the motivation to achieve a large or difficult goal may seem tough to maintain. Below I have listed 7 methods to create motivation and reinforce your desire to attain your goal.

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing—that's why we recommend it daily." -- Zig Ziglar

1. Create a pledge to achieve the goal

Before you can achieve a goal, you have to announce that you are absolutely 100%, committed to achieving that goal. If you are not 100% committed, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Before you begin a new goal make a pledge that you will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Write it down and state why you will accomplish this goal. After that, sign the pledge. It is very important to make a tangible statement of your goal and your pledge to achieve you goal. Doing this reinforces that it is not just an idea, not just something you would like done, but it IS something you are going to COMPLETE.

2. Create a list of all the consequences that can happen if you do not achieve the goal

Make a list of every possible life consequence that may happen if you do not achieve your goal. Everything bad that can happen because of your failure to complete this goal. Don't be easy on yourself. You need to reinforce the idea that this is not just a goal, it is a must. You have to complete this goal or bad things will happen. Acknowledge every possible thing that can happen that will adversely affect your life if you do not complete the goal. Make yourself realize that failure is not an option. Failure will hurt both you and your loved ones. Failure has many, many consequences. Don't be afraid to overstate things and scare the crap out of yourself. These are the possibilities, you need to know them and you need to understand them.

3. List of all the benefits of achieving the goal and how it will improve your life

Now look at things from another point of view. List everything great that can happen if you do accomplish this goal. Write about how great you will feel, how great those around you will feel, and how much better off you will be. But don't stop there, success has a ripple effect. Write down everything that can happen as a result of achieving this goal. What new opportunities may open up? What new options will you have? How will achieving this goal improve your life? Will it help you financially? How can the money you make help you? Improve your life? Change things? Success feeds off of success. One small accomplishment can change many things. One major goal achieved... WILL change your life.

4. Create a concrete plan with specific steps

You won't achieve anything if you don't have a plan, but having a plan is not enough. You need to know what you are doing, why you are doing it, what is needed, how you are going to do it, and everything that is involved. You already know what your goal is, now figure out how you are going to get there. List every single action that you must do in order to accomplish your goal and be very specific. Don't list things like "Complete paperwork". What paperwork? How much paperwork is there? What needs to be done in order to complete the paper work? "Completing paperwork" may seem like a great category to put in a to do list, but by grouping everything into this category title, you are not really listing what needs to be done. Be specific, list each form that needs to be filled out, and what is required for each form. List each action that must be completed. Include how long it will take, where you need to go, who you need with you. Know exactly what needs to be done, write it down, and create a real plan.

5. Negative Reinforcement - Pain and Punishment

Get serious and hold yourself accountable. If you don't complete an action on your plan, if you deviate from what you are trying to accomplish, if you are letting things get in the way of achieving your goals, YOU must punish YOURSELF. You will get nowhere if you don't hold yourself accountable. Think to yourself. How can you hold yourself accountable? What are different actions you can do as negative reinforcement to insure that you will not fail. How can you punish yourself, without effecting the outcome of the goal, when you start straying off course? This is a hard one because only you know what you don't like doing. One effective way of creating negative reinforcement to prevent you from failing is to to make a promise to yourself that if you make an intentional mistake, start procrastinating, or do anything that negatively effects you from completing your goal you will let everybody know. Write a letter, read a letter, or make a video of what you did, why you did it, why you are ashamed of it and let everybody you know, or even don't know, learn that you failed because you weren't committed. Holding yourself accountable is one thing, punishing yourself for failing... It is an act of integrity and an act of commitment. Figure out what you don't like doing, and then figure out how you can use that to help yourself achieve your goal.

6. Success deserves rewards.

Success is a reward in itself but sometimes you don't experience the positive rewards of your goal until after the fact. You need to set things up so you receive positive rewards throughout the entire journey, with each achievement you deserve to be rewarded. Again, this gets tricky because technically you are able to reward yourself anytime anything whether you achieved something or not. You need to figure out what things you enjoy that you will only do if you accomplish a task that furthers you along your course in completing your goal. For small task, make small rewards, for large tasks, have larger rewards. Ask friends and family to help out. Many people want you to succeed and are willing to help you out and reward you for your progress. Figure out what you enjoy doing and what you want to do. Create system of rewards for each type of action, achievement, and completed task. If you complete your ultimate goal, a vacation is always a great way to celebrate. Determine what you can offer yourself for your success and then only give that reward to yourself if you complete it correctly, on time, and with great quality.

7. Constant reminder of the goal and how to achieve it

In order for you to attain your goal, you have to stay motivated. Motivation is short lived and you WILL become unmotivated somewhere along the process. This is why you need to constantly be reminding yourself about this goal and why you are doing. Make corrections if needed, but make sure this goal stays on the forefront of your life. Do not let it fall between the cracks. Way to often people make goals such as "Lose Weight" and then forget about it a month later. Do not let this happen. Surround yourself with reminders, books, magazines, merchandise, audio programs to listen in your car. Never forget why you are doing it and restate the goal often. Accomplishing a goal is hard, if it wasn't you wouldn't need to make it a goal. Reiterate what you need to do in order to achieve your goal, change any steps that need to be changed, and reinforce the importance of it. Go over this benefits you will reap when you achieve this goal, and all the terrible things that can happen if you don't. Stay focused and constantly review your goal, your progress, and your motivation.