Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Creating Passion

In order to live life abundantly you need to live passionately.  Quit your life.  Throw it away.  Its time to start from Day 1.  Get a pen and paper and write down everything you are passionate about.  Keep writing until you reach 100 items.  If you aren't passionate about 100 things then write down things that you are almost passionate about or could be passionate about.  This is a brainstorming exercise.  It doesn't matter if half the list is crap.

Write down everything you liked as a kid
Write down every movie you have watched over 20 times
Write down the names of your favorite cartoon characters
Write down your favorite toys as a child
Write down your favorite activities.

Now look at the list.  This is the true you.  The unfiltered you.  This is you when you were young, before you learned that you were supposed to be something else.  Before you learned you are supposed to be anything.  Is there anything in your childhood you would like back?  If so, bring it on... completely, unfiltered.  Don't worry what other people think.  This is about passion not pandering.  Take some time and start bring you back into your life.

Now, imagine the perfect life.  Imagine all the possessions, all the friends, all the love, and all the beauty around you.  Paint a picture of it in your mind. Create your story of the perfect life.   Picture yourself sitting in the center of a theater watching the life story of you living the perfect life.  Play this movie in your head everyday, whenever you have a chance to fantasize.  Now, Realize that this isn't a fantasy.  This is your future.

Get excited about this life because it is you.  You know that you are capable of doing anything that anyone else can.  You've already seen your future.  Now make it happen.  Live life as if this future is inevitable.  Know it.  Act how you will act while you are living the perfect life.

If you 10 years ago what you know now, imagine what you could have been capable of doing.

Would you have exercised more?
Would you have helped more people?
Would you have been a better friend, sibling, or parent?
Would you have taken time to have more fun and make more memories?
Would you have laughed more and yelled less?
Would you have enjoyed your job more?
Would you even choose the same career?

Well, you do know now what you didn't know 10 years ago, and you have seen your future.  Live your life the way you should have been living the last 10 years.  Enjoy it.  Don't believe it.  Know it.  Surround yourself with beauty.  Do what you enjoy doing,.  Help people.  Help yourself.