Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Shyness and Role Models

Do you believe imitation is no good? Think again. You can now deal with your shyness by identifying and learning the behaviour of your favorite role model.

The Role of Role Models

We are often actively engaged in observing the reactions of others. Some people make an immediate impression on our minds and we wish to be just like them. If we are exposed to these people for a long time, we start modeling their behavior. Shyness can be learnt from inappropriate role models. To unlearn this process, you need to get back to the basics and identify role models who can help you, overcome shyness.

Identifying Role Models

Appropriate role models help you understand the process of social interactions along with different techniques of conversation skills. However, you need to be very cautious while selecting your role models, as any mistake here, will intensify your problem further. The personal characteristics of your role models matter a lot. For this purpose, Age, gender, race and other personal details need to be taken into account. For example choosing young and outgoing models can pose a problem, as many a times you will find it difficult to adopt their energy levels.

You should also take into account the environmental and social factors that play a role in your model's life. Some people have all the necessary facilities that enables them to be more outgoing and gregarious than others. As far as possible, the role models should be similar to you in terms of status, financial abilities as well as cultural and personal values. Prefer choosing role models who you know rather than those you see only on the silver screen You should also avoid going by the outward charm alone. You need to understand the internal characteristics of the person to make sense of his personality. Avoid depending upon the model for every solution as the best of people make mistakes. You can safely follow the footsteps of your role model for overcoming shyness only if you are careful enough to preserve your individuality in the process.